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Return Flight is taking off for the last time.

Bound this year for Hong Kong, Return Flight MEL>HKG is the final leg in an ambitious, three-year international project pairing artists and writers from around the globe.

This year, we invited ten artists from Melbourne and Hong Kong to create unique works responding to the theme ‘away’. Ten writers from the opposite city responded. Then we introduced them to each other.

The result is a collection of ten cross-disciplinary and multilingual creative exchanges. The individual works reflect on identity, place, displacement and belonging.

The works are presented as both an exhibition in Melbourne and Hong Kong and a book. The book also captures transcripts of artist writer interviews that give an insight into the collaborative process.

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Curatorial Note: Peril Magazine

Return Flight MEL>HKG 2019

Andy Li / Jacob Boehme 
Rona Green / Ding Cheuk-Laam
Lee Kai Chung / Laura Jean McKay
Olivia Mròz / Winnie Yan
Lai Andio / Joel Ma
Kim Hyunji / Wong Pui Yi Heidi
Jess LAU Ching-wa / Saskia Doherty
Michael Peck / Lo Lai Lai Natalie

Kinchoi Lam / Eleanor Jackson
Hugo Mathias / Lai Wai-Leung

Return Flight MEL>CHC 2018

Drew Pettifer / Jake Arthur
Inge Flinte / Sean M Whelan
TextaQueen / Selina Tusitala Marsh
Nancy Wilson / Didem Caia
Jade Walsh / Hamish Clayton
Cameron May / Andy Jackson 
Mike Elevan / Tayi Tibble
Miriama Grace-Smith / Ellen van Neervan
Khi-Lee Thorpe / Matariki Williams
Pati Solomona Tyrell / Jeanine Leane

Return Flight MEL>EDI 2017

Aimee Fairman/ Katherine McMahon 
Alessandro Di Massimo / Tony Birch
Phoebe Hearps / Nick Holdstock
Flo Gordon / Madison Griffiths
Mardi Nowak / Jenny Lindsay
Lewis Matheson / Robert Skinner 
Mitch Walder / Ryan van Winkle
Molly McEwan / Roz Bellamy
Matto Lucas / Harry Giles
Natasha Russull / Chloe Wilson

Curated by Elizaveta Maltseva

Edited by Megan Anderson, Magenta Sheridan & Renata Carli

Associate Editor Dr. LAI Chiu Han Linda

Designed by Jacqui Hagen 

Artwork credit: “Duramatwo” Matto Lucas, 2017